Years ago I stumbled across my now favorite food blogger, Tieghan Gerard, the face (and genius) behind Half Baked Harvest. What drew me in immediately were her drool-worthy food photos. Then I tried some of her recipes and I was hooked. This girl is fire.

Since then I’ve made countless recipes from her blog and have purchased both of her incredible cookbooks. The newest book being Super Simple and it definitely lives up to its name. The recipes on HBH never disappoint, but what keeps me coming back every day isn’t the food, it’s Tieghan herself. From the way she engages with her followers to her content, you can just feel how genuine she is. (Can you tell I’m a major fan yet?)

Both cookbooks are wonderful and I love having a bit of HBH at home, but Super Simple is my favorite. It quickly surpassed the first book because of the simplicity. I mean, who doesn’t love a quick recipe with minimal ingredients? I use it so much that there are post-its sticking out from practically every page. The best part? My picky husband loves everything I’ve made from her too. WINNING! 😀

So, with that said, and because my guy is a major chocoholic, I have to talk about the hazelnut brownies. This is the first recipe I made from Super Simple and it quickly became our favorite. With only six ingredients these brownies are ridiculously simple to make and oh so delicious. You can whip them up in no time at all (and eat the whole pan 😉 ) in no time.

Did someone say Nutella?
Yes ma’am! Sign me up!

Some other favorites from the cookbook are:
– blueberry lemon pull-apart bread
– the best pressure cooker mashed potatoes
– sun-dried tomato and avocado salad
– 15-minute garlic butter ramen
– browned sage-butter chicken pot pie
– swirled banana bundt cake


Grab a copy for yourself here: Half Baked Harvest: Super Simple Cookbook


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